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Name:Samantha "Sam" Manson
Location:Amity Park, Illinois, United States of America
Sam Manson is an individual, to the very core. Daughter to insanely rich parents (her grandfather was the guy that invented the machine that wraps cellophane around toothpicks), Sam could easily be one of the popular kids.

She chooses not to, because she'd rather have friends who have minds instead of money, who like her for who she is rather than what she has.

Sam is a goth, much to the dismay of her mother, who makes her try to wear frilly, pink clothes. She's also a vegan, much to the dismay of her friend Tucker.

Her defining feature is that she's a very loyal friend, and while she doesn't show it, a very caring friend. She wants the best for Danny and Tucker, but won't intrude in their lives to try to get it for them. When Danny wanted to cheat on his C.A.T test, she disapproved, but refused to act like his mother and tell him not to. Thanks to Danny's status as a superhero, and Sam's desire to help him, she is often in danger, yet she never even thinks of leaving Danny's side. She and Tucker were there when Danny got his powers, and in fact, it was Sam's instigation that led Danny to check out his parents' Ghost Portal.

While she's very much an individual, Sam's biggest flaw is hypocrisy. Sometimes she goes so far in being an individual that she infringes on the personal choices of others, like when she forced the school to have a vegan menu, even when people like Tucker--a self-proclaimed carnivore--wanted meat.

She likes: The colors black and purple, to a sickening degree; vegan food--she's an Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarian; tofu; any music that isn't bubblegum sell-out pop; conspiracy theories; the paranormal--hard not to, with Danny as her best friend; goth circuses; snarking at the popular kids, reading and writing angsty gawth poetry; animals; cats--she's more a cat person than a dog person; not humiliating--but getting a rise out of Danny and Tucker; blackmail; taking care of horses--not riding, though, because it's inhumane; being pretty--even though she'll NEVER admit it; Greenpeace; the environment; nonviolence.

Dislikes: Anyone who is a sell-out; anyone who hurts her friends; snobs; cruelty to animals; Paulina; Dash; all the jocks (expect Kwan, he's just annoying); meat; pastels.

Her heroes are Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.

And Danny, but you'd have to torture her to admit it.


Sam is a 14 year-old girl of average height, with short, black hair, and violet eyes. She wears purple stockings and a black and green skirt most of the time--she loves dark clothes. She always wears combat boots.


Samantha Manson is from Danny Phantom, and is the property of Butch Hartman and Nickelodean. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar and [info]apharsites, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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