Date: 2006-08-20 07:21 am (UTC)
("It doesn't matter if I go back in time or not. I'll never turn into you! Never!"

"Of course you will. It's only a matter of time.")

("You could have prevented a lot of loss of life, and you blew it. Playing at the big boy games. Addiction and teenage angst. Leave that to the grown ups, okay? Especially the ones without superpowers. We'll screw it up a little less.")

("Your time is up, Danny. It's been up for ten years.")

"Do you want to be remembered as a murderer, Danny?"

There was a stricken look on his face, as if he'd been shocked into a very bad place inside his own head. His grip started to loosen.

("Snivelling like pissant. You want to blame someone? You just gotta look in hte mirror. You wanted an excuse. You wanted a REASON to be so damn lame. Well, congratulations. You got it, kid!")

He couldn't beat him, he couldn't make sure she was safe enough to tell someone in charge. He had to make sure she was safe, had to make sure he couldn;t hurt her first, because he couldn't...he couldn't take that risk, he just couldn't.

Danny was running out of things to anchor him, to keep him from slipping...

("No, I can tell you're not sweet. But you aren't wicked, either. You're a little boy yet, not certain of what he wants to be when he grows up. You could be anything. Doctor, lawyer, banker, thief, sailor, soldier...

"Bringer of grief.")

His hand slipped away.
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